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We are creative team of knowledgeable & expirienced developers. Always ready for a chalenge: We can make imposible - posible, because we love what we do! We keep our technologies up to date and follow the key trends in the industry, to provide the best results for you.

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We put our heart, soul, and a proper tech stack into every solution we build.

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Dream Team

Our problem solvers

Alexey Motovilov

Team Leader

Kirill Osipenko

Team Leader

Miroslaw Shpak

Tech Lead

Nikita Lazutikov

UX/UI Designer

Bohdan Driha

Software Developer

Roman Bilotserkovets

UX/UI Designer

Alexey Rozhmanov

Software Developer

Nazar Myrnyi

Software Developer

Vitalii Nifantiev

Software Developer

Alexander Dyomin

Software Developer

Alexander Shapovalov

Software Developer

Vitalii Lozynskiy

Software Developer